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Dell Latitude E7440 Refurbished Laptop for sale

 23,350.00  21,500.00

Dell Latitude E7440- 14-inch Laptop (4th Gen Core i5/4GB/500GB/Windows 7/Integrated Graphics) – Used/refurbished

Dell Latitude E7440 Core i5 4'th gen Laptop


The Latitude E7440 can be ordered with three different 14-inch displays: The cheapest version is a matte WXGA panel with 1366×768 pixels and 112 ppi, which is also the display of our review unit.

Dell Latitude E6540 – Faq Section

Common Questions

which part is refurbished on this laptop?

The whole laptop is refurbished. The laptop it self & the charging adapter.

Does Dell Latitude E7440 laptop keyboard has back light?

YES, Dell Latitude E7440 laptop keyboard has back light

Does Dell Latitude E7440 laptop has wifi?

This has a built in WiFi card, so wireless connections are available.

Does the dell latitude 14" e7440 laptop with intel core i5 have touch screen?



Dell only Provides the Latitude With frugal ULV chips depending on the Haswell generation. Our review unit is equipped with a Core i5-4200U clocked between 1.6 up to 2.6 GHz. Dell Latitude E7440 is slightly slower than the options Core i5-4300U (1.9 around 2.9 GHz) and Core i7-4600U (2.1 around 3.3 GHz); however, the performance should be more than sufficient for most programs. Another feature is the reduced TDP of just 15 Watts (Ivy Bridge: 17 Watts), which includes the energy intake of the now integrated chipset.

Since there is no dedicated GPU, images are handled by the DirectX-11 Capable Intel HD Graphics 4400. It is equipped with 20 Execution Units (EUs) clocked between 200 and 1,000 MHz, which implies a small performance advantage over the HD Graphics 4000 of this predecessor.

Dell outfitted the Latitude with 4 GB DDR3 memories, more precisely a very Module. It functions with a reduced voltage, which boosts the intake and therefore the battery runtimes. Regrettably, 1 module additionally means the memory only works in single-channel manner – that makes updating easier but can also lessen the 3D functionality significantly. The storage option is a 500 GB hard drive; fast SSD drives with 128 or even 256 GB are just standard on the pricier configurations.


Dell Latitude E7440 with three distinct 14-inch screens: The least expensive version is a matte WXGA panel using 1366×768 pixels and 112 PPI, which is also the display of our review unit. Should you want more space on the desktop you, need to select one of the two Full HD screens with or without a touchscreen. It remains to be seen if a touchscreen will be successful amongst business customers because this choice automatically includes a glossy display surface.

Colour precision is not a powerful package of this screen. Without calibration, we measured massive deviations for all colours that are signalled by a higher DeltaE worth of 12.8. Calibration may improve the situation and lessen the DeltaE worth to 4.8; however, a little blue cast stays visible. The screen isn’t suited for professional users like photographers and graphic designers due to the limited colour space; significant criteria like sRGB and AdobeRGB are missed.

The notebook is suited to it’s to external use thanks Anti-reflective screen surface. The problem is that the very low luminance usually loses the fight against direct sunlight. Our wish is an LED backlight with 250 or better still, 300 cd/m² – considering the general price this should not have a massive impact, but it would surely improve the efficacy of the device.


Finally, we would like to record the attractive rivals from HP and Lenovo. Each Product has its advantages, but both laptops are still based on the older Ivy Bridge platform – if you need the most current Intel chips, the Latitude E7440 is presently the only alternative.

Dell Latitude E7440 – Performance

Dell equipped the Latitude with 4 GB DDR3 memory, more precisely a very frugal DDR3L-1600 module.

Dell Latitude E7440 – Processor 3.0-GHz Intel Core i5-4310U 0%
Dell Latitude E7440 – Ram 4GB DDR3 0%
Dell Latitude E7440 – Hard Drive 500GB 5400 RPM 0%
Dell Latitude E7440 – 6 Cell Battery Life 0%
Dell Latitude E7440 – Overall Performance 0%
Dell Latitude E6540 – Price Value 0%

Dell Latitude E7440 - Video Review

Dell Latitude E7440 Core i5 Full Specifications

Brand                          DellModel Latitude          E7440

Weight (kg)                1.63

Color                           Black

Operating system     Windows 8

Display Size               14.00-inch

Touch Screen            Yes

Processor                  Intel Core i5 4th Gen 4310U 3.0GHz

Memory                      4GB DDR3

Memory Speed         1600 MHz

Hard disk                   500GB

Backlit Keyboard      Yes

Finger Print Sensor  No

Webcam                    Yes

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