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Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop for Sale and Rental

Dell Inspiron G7 7588 Laptop for Sale and Rental

Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop for Sale and Rental


Dell Inspiron G7 7588 gaming machines are engineered with the specific, demanding needs of the gaming audience in mind. From the latest processors to powerful discrete graphics cards, they make every experience more intense and real.

Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop – Faq Section

Common Questions

Is a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 a good laptop?

The best Dell laptop for power on a budget

We’d say the Inspiron 7567 is the best Dell laptop for those who want a reliable option at a reasonable price.15-inch model is available, so take your pick: you can get some perfect specs, with a few small shortcuts (there’s no 4K display option here)


7th Gen Intel® Core ™i5-7300HQ Quad Core 2.50 GHz processors with 8GB RAM DDR4 up to 32 GB DDR4 memory for a top-notch gaming experience. The newest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050/1050Ti discrete graphics comprises its video memory that isn’t shared with the CPU, so you can game on high settings.


Display with a maximum of resolution 1366 by 768 and a restore rate of 60 Hz. The integrated webcam over the display has a camera resolution is 0.92 mp, and its maximum video recording resolution was 1280×720 (HD) at 30 FPS. The battery of the laptop is a three-cell battery with a voltage is 11.4 VDC. The power adapter has bundled with the laptop is efficient of 65w and outputs a 3.34 A.


Given the very higher power draw at lower loads infusion with the same battery capacity (74 Wh) as the higher-end Inspiron 7567 Gaming, it’s not surprising that the battery life will take a hit. Still, 9.5 hours of real-world WLAN usages (screen brightness setting of 150 nits, balanced profiles) is nothing to sneeze at, as the analysis review laptop bests all competitors excluding for the healthy sibling. Since the highest power consumption is lower, our system executes beat the Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming running the Battery Eater for Classic test. For a gaming system, the inspiring is the way beyond the average for its class, making it an excellent choice for students who use the notebook for school during the day but want to be useful to play games as well when all work is done.


From what we have seen, the Dell Inspiron 7567 has no dramas. It does not promise the excellent gaming experience, but rather a pleasant one for an almost low price. That is a promise it meets exceptionally very well. We would not call it the ultimate gaming machine, but it is excellent value for money for someone on a tighter budget. The Dell Inspiron 7567 is well-built in a gaming laptop with a unique gaming performance that doesn’t disappoint.

Dell Inspiron 15 7567 – Performance

7th Gen Intel® Core ™i5-7300HQ Quad Core 2.50 GHz 0%
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB Graphics 0%
8GB, 1x8GB, DDR4 2133 MHz 0%
One M.2 250 GB Solid-State Drive (SSD) 0%
Dell Inspiron 15 7567 – Overall Performance 0%
Dell Inspiron 15 7567 – Price Value 0%

Dell Inspiron G7 7588 - Video gaming test

Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop Specifications

Processor                          Intel® Core™i5-7300HQ Quad Core 2.50 GHz

Graphics Card                 
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB Graphics

LED Backlit Anti Glare Display with FHD resolution (1920 x 1080)

8GB DDR4 2133 MHz

1TB 5400 RPM Hybrid Hard Drive with 8G Cache

Dimensions & Weight   
Height: 1.00″ (25.44mm) x Width: 15.15″ (384.9mm) x Depth: 10.82″ (274.73mm) Weight: Starting at 5.76lbs (2.62Kg)

Primary Batteries            
Voltage: 11.1V. Capacity: 74Wh/6330mAh

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